Tis the Season to be Cozy!

Posted on Nov 20, 2018 by dreeshomes

Hack #1  Keep the wet, snowy boots and mittens where they belong- in the mudroom! All that snow, ice, and mud can wreak havoc on your entryway floors.  To protect your floors and carpets from ruin, lay down plastic mats along with a shallow boot tray with rocks in the bottom. This way, anyone coming in from the outside elements can drop their boots off in the tray so the snow can be whisked away. Your floors will thank you for it! Hack #2  If you have ceiling fans, there should be a switch to make the fan blades run clockwise. Reversing the blades to run in a clockwise position during the colder months can push heated air down. This Handy Homeowner hack makes rooms with high ceilings more comfortable. This little-known trick will keep you cozy as can be all winter long. Hack #3 You may typically keep your furniture mostly around the perimeter of your rooms. As the temperatures drop it heightens the cozy-factor when you pull the furniture more toward the center of the room. The closer seating arrangement will make time spent drinking hot cocoa with the kids or hot toddies with friends feel more intimate. Hack #4  The right lighting can really make a room feel warm and inviting. Look for light bulbs (LEDs) that give off a warm glow, rather than the bright nearly blue hue. Table and floor lamps can also add the perfect amount of ambient light, too. We are also a big fan of putting your lights on dimmers, which saves energy too. Last but not least, if you have a fireplace, light it up! Now, it just wouldn't be a cozy enough story without mentioning the fireplace. It had to be done! Hack #5  Last but not least, we remind you that checking your exterior caulk (windows, doors, and around electric fixtures) is a great idea this time of year. Caulking is prone to shrinking and cracking with each seasonal change and the elements that most homes endure. This is ongoing homeowner maintenance check. Just in case you have no idea how to caulk, we've got you covered. Visit here for a quick how-to video. If you liked these 5 Handy Homeowner hacks, you might like to check out our wintertime home styling tips too. You can read them here.