About Bill

When I was younger, I wanted to be... a fighter pilot.
But I am glad I became a Market Manager because... as a builder in the past, I could build a customer's dream. Now as a market manager, I get to design and help create that dream.
Most people don't know that I... went to a different school every year for the first 9 years of my life and have lived in 15 countries.
I love to... be in unique outdoor places.
My crazy unique skills include... being able to fix almost anything.
When I want to unwind, I... usually go fishing on my bass boat.
Bill has a long tenure with Drees and has worked as a builder, construction manager, land manager, and even a division president across four of our markets. He has been recognized as Builder of the Year twice. Bill and his wife Lesley have two sons, Tyler and Kyle, that also work for Drees in Raleigh and Dallas.