About Michele

When I was younger, I wanted to be... a successful entrepreneur.
But I am glad I became a Market Manager because... I can make dreams come true for families.
My last adventure was... traveling through Italy.
The best advice I have given or received is... treat every person the way you would want to be treated.
When I want to unwind, I... go out on the deck of my Drees home with a nice glass of red wine.
I hope to one day... have a home in Destin, Florida.
I've always wanted to... have a big family vacation at the beach.
Michele began her career with the Drees sales team in 2014 as a community representative after working in retail management for 25 year. She lives in Haymarket, Virginia with her husband, John. In her free time, Michele manages her own investment company and she loves to bake awesome desserts from scratch, play video poker, and get her godchildren excited to do crafts.