Sam Jim

Market Manager

(513) 874-3534

About Sam

When I was younger I wanted to be... a professional travel photographer for a travel magazine or National Geographic.
But I am glad I became a market manager because... home is where the heart is and I love being able to assist in building a family's dream home.
Most people don't know that I... played a hand drum for a dance troupe that my wife lead, performing at places like Newport on the Levee and Findlay Market.
My last adventure... kite surfing lessons in Florida almost landed me on the roof of a Crabby Bill’s Restaurant.
What's the best advice you have given or received... all energy is creative. I believe in the power of being positive by thought-word-action. I think about being successful, I state that I’m going to be successful and I put in motion the steps that lead to my success.
I've always wanted to... travel at my leisure.
Sam joins Drees with over 20 years of experience in real estate and new home sales. He’s a graduate of University of Cincinnati with a BBA Major in Marketing and Minor in Real Estate. Sam and his wife, Mary live in Newport, Kentucky with a beautiful view of downtown Cincinnati skyline. In his free time, he enjoys photography and loves shutting out his busy world and spending time seeing the world through the eyes of his grandson.