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Frequently Asked Questions

Drees Design Center

Q: I work during the week, and it's very hard to take time off. Can I schedule my appointments on evenings or weekends?

A: The selections you make for your home are extremely important, and as such, Drees needs the support of our office staff. In the event that questions come up about included features, custom requests, etc., we need to have the office staff available to answer all questions on the spot. Therefore, our policy is to conduct appointments only during regular business hours.

Q: Can I bring my family and/or friends with me?

A: Our experience has shown that appointments go more smoothly by limiting distractions. If you have young children, we suggest arranging for a babysitter.

Q: May I provide or install my own materials?

A: In order to maintain a high level of quality and meet the delivery date, Drees must remain in control of all personnel on the premises and all products installed. Therefore, we cannot allow you to provide or install any of your own materials.

Q: Are there features the Design Center doesn't cover?

A: Yes, there are items we do not manage at the Design Center. Some examples include moving doors and walls, adding windows, changing a tub to a shower and exterior elevation changes. These structural changes should be covered with your Market Manager.

Q: Once I complete my selections, are they final?

A: Once you complete your selections, they are final. Please note, any change requested after finalization must be approved by the Division President. If allowed, an administrative fee of $1000 per change will be applied.