Posted on Jul 18, 2016 by dreeshomes

Handy Homeowner tips and insights for caulking your home: The key to understanding the importance of caulking is to know that caulk serves as a barrier for keeping water and other elements out of places it should not be in. Simple as that! Where to inspect caulking:

  • Interior: Countertops/backsplashes, showers/tubs, toilets, trim at baseboards, casing/crown molding, windows
  • Exterior: Windows, doors, and around electric fixtures

Visually inspect all interior and exterior caulking on a yearly basis. If any separation is noticed it must be addressed immediately to prevent any possible damage, and to conserve energy. Summer and fall yard work is a great time to inspect exterior caulking. Do this around windows, doors, and other penetrations. Caulking is prone to shrinking and cracking with each seasonal change and the elements that most homes endure. Choose the correct caulk for the job. The items to consider are location, temperature, moisture levels and application. Any employee at a hardware store will be glad to help you make a selection. Maintenance should be performed regularly to keep your home properly sealed from the elements, air infiltration, and even Mother Nature's pesky critters. So, now you see the need to recaulk somewhere in your home? Good thinking. Here’s a Handy Homeowner demo to help you do just that!