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Homeowner Spotlight: Meet the Lee Family

Posted on Aug 22, 2023 by dreeshomes

When we discovered Indianapolis homeowner Mallory Lee was documenting her building journey on Instagram, we were thrilled to follow along. This mother of three, who has a knack for home design, was leading followers through her Build on Your Lot experience. As result, followers could watch the development of her stunning off white farmhouse unfold.




What floor plan did you choose and what drew you to this design?


The floor plan we started with is the Monticello. We simply looked for the biggest one in terms of square footage, and then evaluated the plans based on must-haves. That list included a way for us to convert the dining room into a large pantry and kitchen office, and the ability to have a dedicated playroom for the kids. Then we added a second sunroom/dining room to the back of the home since we were repurposing the Monticello's original sunroom and dining room.




What did you enjoy most about the building process?


This is our third new home build! We do like the process. We enjoy choosing the finishes and having the reassurance that everything is new and in working order, and it minimizes the surprises that can come with buying an existing home. We love knowing exactly what is in the walls and participating in the build. We visit the house daily and have made great relationships with our builder, our Market Manager and even some of the crews working on the house. 





As you have watched your home come to life, what have become your favorite spaces and features?


Our favorite spaces and features include the covered patio, the kitchen space, including the changes we made to include the large pantry, our upgraded garage doors, and seeing the exterior choices come to life. 


What advice would you give others who are interested in building?

If you are interested in building, don’t forget to weigh the pros and cons of the startup cost of making your house a home. This can include window coverings, a sprinkler system, landscaping or a variety of other things. Also, think about where you live now and if there are any specific pain points you can overcome. For example, even though this is our third build, this will be the first time we finally have added an outlet to our master closet!  


Why did you choose to build with Drees?


We chose Drees Homes, because of the combination of customization, plus speed. Because the Build on Your Lot program uses a network of subcontractors and processes they inherit from Drees, a custom home can come to life in less than one year. We also loved the predictability of making our design choices up front and having a final price before we committed to the build. With other custom builders, the budget is too flexible and harder to predict. 



What inspired you to build this time around? 


We had a third little boy come along, which inspired us to get some additional space. Knowing I will have four men to feed one day meant that I needed a big working pantry! We also knew we would need additional garage space for our large family.




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