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Meet reed and welcome jewel tones - These are the top home design trends of 2024

Posted on Dec 22, 2023 by dreeshomes

Meet reed, welcome jewel tones and layer that lighting – our experts compiled all the features they’re forecasting to be the hottest home design trends in 2024. 


While some already popular design elements – like infusing natural elements into the home – will remain in vogue, Director of Midwest Design Centers Alexa Drees Walker and Architecture Design Manager Paige Foss agree that 2024 will usher in a more luxurious, experiential vibe.

Wall textures - but there's a new kid on the block

The use of textures in interiors is not new. Wallpaper, shiplap and textured tiles have gained popularity in recent years to create the ultimate sensory experience. But this year, expect a look that is brand new. 


Meet reed. 


guest suite with wood accent wall

Elongating and classic, this natural material creates a subtle optical illusion. Install reed vertically to make the ceiling feel taller. Install horizontally, and increase the visual size of a room. Fluted textures are not just popular as wall applications, but also in furniture, cabinetry and in tile. 

foyer with wood accent wall

Bejeweled home interiors

Color schemes will be adorned in jewel tones in 2024. While the “green with envy” trend of 2023 will carry over, interiors will be draped in deep reds and rich maroons in the new year. 

family room with contemporary fireplace
two-story dining room with chandelier

Other jewel tones are making an entrance too, allowing homebuyers to decorate with furniture, drapery and accessories in a way that creates a statement. 


“Our more adventurous homebuyers are even requesting tile in dramatic dark and jewel tones, and they love a bold pattern,” Alexa said. 

family room with contemporary fireplace
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Layer that lighting


Layered lighting – lighting that seamlessly blends function with aesthetics – will be fully embraced in 2024. 


“Rooms that have a mix of the five layers of illumination: ambient, task, accent, decorative and natural lighting are immediately more comfortable,” Paige said. “By mixing up how we choose to illuminate our spaces, we have more chances for individuality to merge with style.”

Primary Bath with double vanities
TCFY-0003-00_Brennan D_Primary Bath1_Drees

Be on the lookout for softer layered lighting in home offices, dining spaces and even bathrooms, where vanity bar lighting will disappear in favor of flush mount lighting mixed with sconce or pendant lighting. Layered lighting is the newest texture trend to be recognized in home interiors.


For cabinetry - expect warm stains and rich paint colors 


While white cabinetry is still the top choice among our homebuyers, warm stain colors that emerged in 2023 will only continue to gain traction in the new year. Expect to see cabinetry stain and paint colors get even deeper and richer in 2024. 

PCC-0020-00_Alden A_kitchen3_Drees (2)

“These colors lend itself to a more dramatic color palette and can make your kitchen feel like stepping into a high-end restaurant,” Alexa said. “Our homebuyers are really gravitating towards that luxury at-home experience.” 

MER8-0001-2M_Leighton_Kitchen 02_Drees (1)

Moody, dramatic countertops want their moment 


Just like the deeper cabinetry colors, dark countertops are on the rise. White marble looks are still a classic choice, but black countertops with dramatic veining are starting to get more attention.



OSG-0001-O_Brookdale II C_Kitchen 03_Drees (4)
OSG-0001-O_Brookdale II C_Kitchen 04_Drees (5)

Want to pump up the luxurious look? Alexa’s tip: “We love a bold countertop choice done in a waterfall style to create even more drama!” 



LEGA-0011-E_Lauren II F_Kitchen02_Drees

Also hot in the kitchen this year – induction cooktops. Gas has forever been a popular choice for cooking. It heats up fast, and it’s easy to control the temperature with the touch of a dial. However in some areas of the country, this natural resource is less available or more expensive. Because of these environmental factors, electric cooktops are becoming more common. 


Induction cooktops heat up instantly when the pan touches the burner using electromagnetic energy, but the cooktop surface remains cool and safe to the touch. 


“This makes it a great choice if you’ll have little ones in the house. It also offers precise temperature control, similar to gas, and is energy efficient,” Alexa said.


Let there be (lots of) light! 


Natural light, that is. Windows have gotten larger and larger in recent years. And now, more than ever before, homeowners are adding windows wherever they can. Inside, these large windows flood spaces with inviting natural light. 



WSGR-0002-A_Eastland II B_Exterior 01_Drees (4)

“As we approach maximum capacity in window sizes, we are employing new design ‘tricks’ to help us create larger window units on our exterior elevations as well,” Paige said. “By incorporating a paint color that blends with the selected window color, visually we can create a larger ‘window’ in our more modern elevations.”


Warmer tones aren't just for interior spaces


Yes, exterior color selections are trending warmer too! Warm color schemes for interiors were everywhere in 2023 (finally a departure from the last decade of gray), but for exteriors, safe grays and whites remained popular. 


In this new era of home design, homebuyers are starting to confidently choose warm colors for the exterior too – stone colors in a mix of beiges, browns and even burgundy. Darker brick colors, even deep reds, are drawing customers in. 



CKT-0148-00_Crestwood D_Exterior 02_Drees (2)

“While the all-white farmhouse look will remain a popular request this year, we will start to see this trend decline,” Alexa said. 


Storage that's both functional and beautiful


Storage spaces aren’t just confined to the basement and garage anymore. As open floor plans have become the norm, the need for spaces to tuck items out of sight have only increased. 



STCK-0118_Belvidere C_Family Ready Room_Drees

“The most on-trend homes will make that storage equally functional and beautiful,” Paige said. “Think: working pantries to tuck away countertop appliances, family ready rooms tucking away pet or craft supplies and even wine rooms where alcohol becomes art while stored.”



KCH-1226-00_Elmsdale B_PrimarySuite_4 _Drees

Often tucked off the kitchen, the working pantry is the ideal space for homeowners to store their kitchen gadgets and appliances. Some homeowners choose to utilize this space as an at-home coffee bar. 



OSC-0001-00_Bedford E_Working Pantry_001_Drees (3)

Bringing the outside in 


As we’ve seen in recent years, nature-inspired design still sits on the top of the trend report. 


Designers and homeowners still agree that bringing the outdoors in is the ultimate. Look for lush greens, earthy colors, eco-friendly materials and the return of wood grains and stains to dominate home design in 2024.  



primary bedroom suite with vaulted ceiling

“Be ready to see wood materials find spots throughout the home, pops of greens in both paint and plants, and even living walls that blend green living with style,” Paige said. 





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