She said yes! Drees homebuyers get engaged at the Design Center

Posted on May 23, 2023 by dreeshomes

After an appointment full of making design selections, Kristin’s easiest choice came at the end of the day, when her partner got down on one knee in the middle of the Drees Design Center. It was a full circle moment for the couple, who have been in a long-distance relationship for the past year and a half.


Although they have known each other for nearly three decades, Will and Kristin only reconnected relatively recently over social media. They started messaging each other, then messaging turned into texting and texting evolved to hours on the phone. Before they knew it, they were trying out a long-distance relationship – 2,172 miles long, to be exact. Kristin lives in California, and Will lives in Cincinnati. But things won’t be long distance too much longer.  


Growing up, Will and Kristin went to the same middle and high school in southern California. The two played tennis together in high school and took the same lessons at the local club. While they were always good friends, they never dated. Life took them in different directions for college but brought them back together in a big way – the pair recently bought their dream Drees home together while they were on an airplane headed to California. 


“We were literally taxiing to the runway,” Will said. Kristin added, “We were really nervous because we were on a new plane that didn’t have WiFi. But, everything went through.” 




Kristin and Will are no strangers to the home building process; they’ve each built new homes before. This time around, the couple selected Drees as their builder, citing the reputation of high quality homes and location – the Cincinnati community they chose is served by a prestigious school district for their five children. 


Will said he came up with the idea to propose at the Drees Design Center when a couple other plans fell through. He reached out to Drees Design Assistant Laura to see if it would be possible to have an engagement on selection day, and the Drees team jumped into action to make the day special. 


“We have agreed to combine our homes, and I promised Kristin that I would never allow her to uproot her life and her family without a commitment, and I am happy to oblige,” Will said. “What better place than to get assistance from a group of people whose job it is to make dreams come true. The team has been warm, receptive, excited, and willing to make this an unforgettable experience.” 




The couple is building the Champlain and looks forward to each of their children being able to have their own bedroom.


Their theme song for for this particular life adventure has been “Buy dirt” by Jordan Davis and Luke Bryan, which emphasizes that you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy dirt, build a house on it, propose to the one you love and build a life together. The Drees team played the song during the engagement and happily bottled up dirt from their actual home site to display for this special occasion.


Congratulations, Will and Kristin! We were honored to play a small part in your big day.





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